NAPA Autopro Car Repair


NAPA Autopro is a group of over 600 independent automotive service centres across Canada. While offering many of the benefits of a franchise, Autopro is actually a banner program, similar to the Auto Select brand from Uniselect/Bumper to Bumper. Because Autopro isn’t a franchise, members don’t pay franchise fees and we have the freedom to run our businesses the way we choose.

As a NAPA Autopro, we are in elite company: Autopro is consistently ranked the #1 independent automotive service provider in the country by JD Power almost every year. In many communities, the locally-owned Autopro is the best equipped and most capable independent service centre. We’re fortunate to know many other NAPA Autopro owners who share our passion for the automotive trade, our high quality standards and our commitment to the highest level of client care.

For more on why we decided to join the Autopro program, and some of the benefits to you, please see this article in our blog.

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