Selecting the right tires for your car (and how you drive it) involves a lot more than punching a tire size into a computer.

We’re serious about tires.

At My Garage, we understand the difference that a properly-selected set of tires makes. When we recommend a certain tire for your vehicle, we consider many factors including what vehicle you drive; where you drive it; and a lot more. It’s solid advice from an automotive professional who truly knows cars – and knows your car. 

We sell and service tires from all major manufacturers, including BFGoodrich; Contintental; Firestone; Hankook; Kumho; Michelin; Pirelli; Toyo; Yokohama; and many others. Our team provides quality, complete tire service including mounting and balancing; tire rotations; tire repairs; wheel alignments, and more. 

Our clients’ tires last longer.

Every day in Airdrie, drivers pay to replace tires that wore out long before they should have. Most of the time, this is because the rest of their vehicle was not receiving the kind of regular attention from a professional technician that it needed.

We’re very proud of the fact that tires last longer on our regular customers’ cars than they do on the average Alberta vehicle. This happens for a few reasons:

  • At the beginning, we are careful to select tires that will work well on your specific vehicle.
  • We rotate your tires and adjust their air pressure at every regular service (oil change or electric vehicle maintenance). It’s included, at no extra charge.
  • At every service, we also inspect your vehicle’s steering; suspension; brakes; and other systems for any problems that could impact the life of your tires. Simply put, tires last longer on a properly-maintained car. 

Are your tires wearing down quickly? Most of the time, this isn’t the tires’ fault; it’s a symptom of a problem elsewhere. To the trained professional, your tire tread reads like a story about what’s wrong with your car.

Industry-leading Road Hazard Warranty:

Every tire purchased from My Garage includes a value you won’t find anywhere else in Airdrie: Our Worry-Free Tire Protection Warranty. This entitles you to:

  1. Absolutely free replacement of the tire in the event of a non-repairable puncture, such as a hole in the sidewall; blow-out; or a tire driven on flat. There’s no measuring the tread, and no pro-rating – just a completely free replacement of the tire – and that includes installation! (For 5 years, or down to the treadwear indicators at 1.5mm (2/32″) of tread depth.)
  2. Taking things a step further than any competitor: If your tires are worn to the point where installing just one new tire would not be advisable, we will replace two or even four tires, still at no charge to you. 

Tire Services Pricing:

Tire installation (mounting & balancing): $35/tire
Tire installation (new tires purchased elsewhere): $50/tire
Tire balancing only: $25/tire
Tire repairs: $40 plus GST
Wheel alignments: Price depends on vehicle. Some vehicles will require lane departure, front camera or other safety system recalibrations as part of a correct & complete alignment, at an extra charge. Contact us for an estimate!
Tire rotations/seasonal swap on rims: $69 plus GST. (Seasonal swaps are also available at a discounted rate of $29 when paired with our oil change maintenance packages!)

We offer tire storage!

If you’re short on space or don’t want to deal with hauling your tires back and forth, My Garage would be happy to store your summer/winter tires for just $50 per season! Best of all, we don’t send your tires and wheels anywhere; they’re stored securely on site.

In our business all tire service work is completed by a professional technician and includes cleaning wheel hub surfaces as required, reprogramming TPMS systems/sensors and a technician road test with wheel re-torque afterward to save the you hassle of having to return for this.