Meet The Team

In our efforts to build the best auto service business you’ve ever experienced, we have hand-picked a team of skilled and caring employees. The right people make all the difference in our industry and we’re blessed to employ some of the best in the province, right here in Airdrie. We’re very proud of our staff and work hard to ensure they feel appreciated. Please read on to learn more about the amazing men and women that are My Garage Auto & Tire.

Scott Bissell – Client Experience Manager

Scott and our owner Chris have actually known each other for almost 15 years, first meeting when technician Chris started working for a Calgary shop that Scott managed. Impressed by Scott’s knowledge and dedication to the client, when Chris left to pursue self-employment he joked that one day he would hire Scott to run his own service centre. Both men kept in touch over the years and in 2021, the idea actually became reality!

We honestly couldn’t have put a better person in charge of overseeing our day-to-day operations. Scott is a hard-working problem solver who loves devising creative solutions in the trickiest situations. These are valuable skills to have as we continuously work to balance the quality of repairs with our clients’ budgets while simultaneously considering their schedule, our technicians’ schedule and parts delivery times – along with anything that might disrupt these schedules! Scott’s job certainly isn’t easy, but he tackles it every day with passion and enthusiasm.

At this point Scott has become fairly used to us making quips about his last name. In Scott’s words, “Any jokes that you make about my name are going to suck.”

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite part of his job: Solving problems. “We’re in the problem-solving business; we take peoples’ problems away and we only accomplish that by servicing cars.”
Realistic dream car: 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV
Unrealistic dream car: The Chrysler ME Four-Twelve concept; a supercar that never (but should have) made production.
Bucket list item: Travel to Madagascar

Jay St. Arnaud – Client Advocate


Client Advocate is the title that designate our service advisors, since their role in our business is a little different than in most auto service businesses. Like everyone else in our building, Jay is paid a straight hourly wage that doesn’t change whether you decide to service your vehicle with us or not. His job is to look after your best interests, to guide you and to educate you – not to sell you anything.

Jay brings a wealth of knowledge to our client advocate team because he is a journeyman automotive service technician, and a very skilled one at that. He was actually our head technician before changing roles because of an injury in 2022. Applying the passion that made him a great technician to his new position, he takes the client experience very seriously and truly works hard for our clients. Jay lives in Airdrie with his wife, who is also an automotive professional, and their two young children.

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
Favourite part of his job: Getting to know new people and building relationships with them
Realistic dream car: 2024 Toyota 4Runner
Unrealistic dream car: M1 Abrams Tank
Bucket list item: Tour Scotland and visit some of the distilleries

Michelle McCabe – Client Advocate


Michelle is a seasoned veteran of the automotive industry, already having 23 years of experience in the service advisor role before joining our team in 2021. Moving from Ontario to be closer to her family, she was attracted to our shop because of our reputation for honesty. Having worked face-to-face with clients her whole career, Michelle enjoys building relationships and didn’t want to work somewhere that she had to “sell” automotive service; especially service that people don’t actually need. Always energetic, positive and looking to solve problems, Michelle has become an invaluable member of our team. Michelle is a fitness enthusiast and you’re likely to see her out for a walk or run during her lunch break.

Hometown: Erin, Ontario
Favourite part of her job: Taking care of people and the feedback we receive from happy clients.
Realistic dream car: Chevrolet Camaro
Unrealistic dream car: A purple Lamborghini Aventador!
Bucket list item: Run a full marathon

Chris Bertrand – Client Advocate & Parts Specialist

Chris Bertrand

Chris is a very capable parts specialist and has 24 years of experience, mostly with General Motors and Ford. He loves a challenge and we constantly rely on his experience to source the hardest-to-find parts. This aptitude isn’t even Chris’ most valuable characteristic though; his attitude is. When asked recently, “Hey Chris, can we send you on a wild goose chase?” he replied with his usual enthusiasm and big smile, “Of course! Bring it on, buddy!” Always cool under pressure, Chris loves his job and everyone who knows him appreciates his composed, positive nature. Today Chris assists our Client Advocate team and so many of our clients are getting to know the “big teddy bear” in our parts department as well.

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite part of his job: The challenge; overcoming different problems every day
Realistic dream car: Ford F-150 Lightning
Unrealistic dream car: Rolls Royce Phantom
Bucket list item: Travel the world; see as many countries as possible

Mike Sobiecki – Licensed Red Seal Technician


One of Alberta’s most skilled and caring automotive professionals, Mike is our lead electric vehicle technician. Thoughtful and intelligent, he makes quick work of diagnosing the toughest vehicle problems. Mike holds a combination of independent shop and dealership experience and was the shop foreman at Country Hills Nissan before joining our team in 2020. A proud and devoted family man, Mike lives in what we presume is Airdrie’s busiest house with his wife, three beautiful daughters, two dogs, three cats and five fish.

Hometown: Drumheller, Alberta
Favourite mechanical work: Hybrid/electric battery replacement and repair
Realistic dream car: His current Tesla Model Y
Unrealistic dream car: Tesla Model X Plaid
Bucket list item: Go on a cruise

Cameron Fitzgerald – Licensed Red Seal Technician

airdrie automotive mechanic

Cameron is the newest addition to our technician team and a testament to the quality of elite technician that our business is so blessed to attract. With 12 years of experience at another NAPA Autopro service centre, he is accustomed to how things are done in a leading independent shop. Cam is smart and skilled, displaying a level of understanding that is far beyond his years in the trade. His ability to deliver a fast, accurate diagnosis of almost any vehicle problem will be appreciated by all of our clients. Just a good quality person in general, Cam is honest and ethical – and just lights up when he starts talking about his wife and young son.

Hometown: Comox, British Columbia
Favourite mechanical work: Electrical diagnostics
Realistic dream car: C6 Corvette Z06
Unrealistic dream car: Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Bucket list item: See his son grow up to be successful

Hayley Smith – Apprentice Technician


Hayley joined our team in 2020 as a detailer and we quickly realized that we had a very special employee on our hands. Demonstrating a work ethic that is rare in younger people today, Hayley impressed us with her drive and aptitude. It wasn’t long before we signed Hayley up for an apprenticeship and she started working with our technicians. Hayley has proven herself a quick learner and is advancing through her training quickly, already a fourth year apprentice! Hayley works carefully but efficiently with superb attention to detail.

Hometown: Airdrie, Alberta
Favourite mechanical work: Engine overhauls and internal engine repairs
Realistic dream car: Suzuki Carry Van
Unrealistic dream car: McLaren 720S
Bucket list item: Travel to Chile and snowmobile on her birthday in August

Dan Frank – Licensed Red Seal Technician


Dan has been with us since 2015 and is our most seasoned technician with over 40 years of experience, including 20 years at Universal Ford in Calgary. Dan is a calm problem-solver who approaches everything with an old-fashioned “get it done” attitude. He never backs away from a challenge and still has no problem outpacing some of his younger co-workers on those scorching summer days when we’re all wilting from the heat. Dan has a whopping seven children, so maybe that’s where his stamina comes from! He’s an avid outdoorsman and spends almost every weekend in the foothills northwest of Airdrie.

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Favourite mechanical work: Steering, suspension and chassis
Realistic dream car: Anything reliable that he doesn’t have to fix all the time!
Unrealistic dream car: 1964 split window Chevrolet Corvette
Bucket list item: Retiring! (One day)

Robert Brentnall – Licensed Red Seal Technician

When you meet Robert, you can tell immediately that you’re in the company of a genuinely good person. His energy and positive attitude make Robert a pleasure to work with, and the fact he’s a great technician doesn’t hurt either. With a mixture of dealership and independent shop experience, Robert has a very well-rounded skillset. His attention to detail is superb and we’re very proud of his work. Like many of other other team members, Robert is a parent and spends all of his time off with his young family.

Hometown: Basingstoke, England
Favourite mechanical work: Engine building & internal repair
Realistic dream car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8
Unrealistic dream car: Koenigsegg Agera
Bucket list item: Learn to TIG weld

Chris Bosiak – Licensed Red Seal Technician

Chris Bosiak

Having spent much of his career working for a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealership, Chris is a Level 3 Certified Chrysler technician and our resident Mopar lover. He can probably assembly a Hemi or Cummins diesel engine with his eyes closed! Leaving the hurried, production-focused dealership environment and transitioning into our quality and client-focused business was an adjustment for Chris, but he has embraced our business model and does a great job. Every day he works efficiently with a good attitude while delivering great quality work. From ATVs to trucks, Chris loves everything with an engine and spends many of his weekends in the country with his wife and two daughters.

Hometown: Dauphin, Manitoba
Favourite mechanical work: A little bit of everything; enjoys variety.
Realistic dream car: Dodge Ram TRX
Unrealistic dream car: 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda
Bucket list item: Chris says: “I don’t really think that way. I have been able to do everything I’ve wanted to in life so far, and if there’s something I want (or want to do), I find a way to make that happen – like buying my Polaris RZR.”

Nezam Fedda – Licensed Red Seal Technician


Nezam joined our growing team in 2023 and brings with him over 25 years of automotive experience, mostly with Hyundai and Toyota dealerships. He is passionate about electrical/hybrid diagnostics and is a Toyota certified Master Hybrid Technician. Nezam is very passionate about his role as a father and dedicates all his spare time to his teenage boys, who are both athletes. Fellow sports parents will be able to related to how many miles Nezam racks up on his Toyota Highlander Hybrid every weekend transporting his kids to tournaments and games all over Alberta.

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite mechanical work: Electrical diagnostics and repairs
Realistic dream car: Lexus IS F
Unrealistic dream car: Maserati Granturismo
Bucket list item: Travel and see more of the world

Branden Oevering – Detailer/Apprentice Technician


Branden joined our team when our previous detailer and shop assistant, Hayley, was promoted to the role of apprentice technician. Most of his day is spent road testing vehicles to perform final quality control checks, re-torquing wheels (so you don’t have to come back) and cleaning vehicles. Very intelligent and detail-oriented, Branden has proven a perfect fit for this position. However, because of the way he cares and takes an interest in every client – you’d be impressed how much he remembers about you and your previous service with us – we wanted to give him more. In January of 2023 we registered Branden as an official Apprentice Technician. Moving forward, he will be more involved in the shop but will still get to take on some of the detailing/QC work that he enjoys.

Hometown: Airdrie, Alberta
Favourite mechanical work: Branden is enjoying getting into mechanical repairs but doesn’t want to completely stop detailing vehicles either; he finds it very satisfying.
Realistic dream car: 2023 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid
Unrealistic dream car: 1968-1970 Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi
Bucket list item: Travel to the UK and visit the Bovington Tank Museum

Logan Simpson – Detailer/Shop Assistant

airdrie car technician

An HVAC technician by trade, Logan has always been interested in the automotive service industry and jumped at the chance to join our team when an opening became available in 2023. He’s a great young guy with a big heart and a work ethic that will serve him well in a business like ours that recognizes and appreciates these things. Logan is exactly the type of young person that will be successful in the automotive world, with a combination of techy intelligence and some “working with his hands” experience that comes from working on his uncle’s farm as boy.

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Realistic dream car: Any s***box that he can turn into something cool. (Logan explains this idea with a big grin on his face.)
Unrealistic dream car: Koenigsegg One:1
Bucket list item: Owning and running his own farm.

Chris Dekker – Founder/Owner/Licensed Red Seal Technician

Chris Dekker

Chris started his automotive career right here in Airdrie, completing his automotive service technician apprenticeship at age 22. With a level of passion and a thirst for knowledge that none of his fellow technicians demonstrated, he soon felt like he had outgrown his current shop and moved to very well-managed service centre in Calgary. Always driven and eager to learn, Chris soon became a top technician and was compensated very well by his new employer, but was still troubled by the feeling that he just cared more than his co-workers; about the business, about his clients and about the quality of the product that they delivered every day. In 2011 at 25 years old, this feeling pushed Chris to pursue self-employment. With the help of a business partner, Chris opened his first garage in 2013 and it quickly became the highest-rated service centre in Alberta. Five years later sold his share of that business with the goal of building something even better; something that was all his own. With complete control, Chris wanted to channel all his drive and energy into setting the standard for what an auto service business could be. That business is My Garage Auto & Tire.

Hometown: Salmon Arm, BC
Favourite mechanical work: “Because clients don’t see much of the work we do these days, I most enjoy the repairs that make a noticeable difference to a client. Replacing a noisy wheel bearing, repairing an exhaust leak, repairing air conditioning; that kind of stuff. Many of these repairs (exhaust particularly) are the most miserable for the technician, but they’re also the most satisfying.”
Realistic dream car: His current Lucid Air
Unrealistic dream car: Lexus LFA
Bucket list item: Scuba dive a coral reef

Interesting observations: The independent service centre in 2023.

You may have noticed that many of our technicians came to us from a new car dealership. The migration of technicians like Mike, Robert, Chris and Nezam is part of a seismic shift taking place in our industry: many elite technicians, frustrated by incentive-based pay plans and poor treatment at dealerships, are finding happier homes in well-managed independent service centres like ours. They’re discovering that some of these independent shops are just as well-equipped as the best dealerships while offering a better work environment and better pay! Today technicians like Mike and Chris enjoy feeling appreciated and earn the highest wages of their career whilst knowing that all of the clients who make their jobs possible are being treated fairly.

20 years ago, the best technicians in the industry were employed with dealerships. A dealership was considered THE place to work. Today that has changed – almost reversed, actually.