Cars have changed. How we repair them has changed. Not everyone in the industry has kept up.


Today’s vehicles aren’t simple. Your car contains between 15 and 30 on board computers; with more lines of software code than the space shuttle, an F-35 fighter jet, and the whole Windows 10 operating system combined. To service your modern vehicle properly and cost-effectively, you need a skilled team of people that are passionate about cars; new technologies; and the challenges that they bring. That’s where we come in.

Armed with the best diagnostic and programming equipment in the industry, our hand-picked team of top technicians can provide solutions to even the toughest automotive problems. We’ll make sure that your car is fixed right the first time, and that you never pay for a repair that you don’t need. 

Diagnostics in today’s world:

Decades ago, a typical auto repair would involve 30 minutes of inspection time to find a problem, followed by a few hours spent replacing a part. Today, in many cases, the reverse is true: repairing many concerns can involve more time spent diagnosing the problem than actually fixing it! Many repairs no longer involve replacing parts at all; with the fixes coming in the form of a computer software update, or repair to a damaged wire hidden in a tricky place. 

Many drivers today don’t understand just how complex modern vehicles have become. We as professionals also haven’t done a good job showing them how much skill; expensive equipment; and time go into diagnosing these vehicles properly. This has created a situation where some people don’t see the value in our diagnostic charges; or don’t understand why they should pay for diagnostic time at all.

How we provide real value for your diagnostic investment:

We bill for our testing and diagnostic time at $195.00 per hour. At My Garage, that investment buys you the undivided attention of one of Alberta’s brightest technicians, and their use of some very sophisticated tooling. Along with drawing on their own valuable personal experience and knowledge, they will employ the use of:

  • Genuine OEM diagnostic and programming equipment, mostly only found at dealerships.
  • A full suite of other specialized testing equipment, worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Thousands of dollars worth of diagrams; service bulletins; specifications and other OEM service information, direct from your vehicle’s manufacturer. 
  • Extended support from other top technicians around the world, through networks like Identifix and iATN.

When you’re paying for diagnostics, it’s in your best interest to find a business that is better equipped; with the most advanced testing equipment and the most skilled technicians. That’s exactly what we provide. 

Here’s how the process works.

When a customer asks us to diagnose a concern, we usually start by asking them to authorize up to a certain amount of testing time; often around one hour. If by chance we haven’t completed all the necessary testing by the end of the authorized time, we will at least be able to inform you of what we’ve tested so far; what tests we’d like to perform next; and how close we feel we are to completing the diagnosis.

We realize that the open-ended nature of a charge like this (not being able to predict an exact diagnostic cost at the beginning) can make some customers uncomfortable. To ease your find, consider the following three facts:

  1. 75% of vehicle problems can be diagnosed within one hour, and 96% of them within two.
  2. Using efficient and accurate testing techniques, our technicians find answers faster, with no wasted time. 
  3. We’re so confident in our diagnostic ability that we do something no other automotive business does: We cap our diagnostic charges (for the same issue) at no more than 3 hours. This gives you the security of knowing a maximum diagnostic cost; no matter how complex the problem, or what the diagnosis involves.

All of our diagnostics are guaranteed. 

When we tell you that your car needs something, we guarantee it. This means that if we diagnose a concern for you, and the repair does not fix your problem, we will happily refund the cost of the whole repair – even if the repair was performed elsewhere.