Our focus is on performing convenient and affordable preventative maintenance today, to avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns tomorrow.

Warranty-Approved Maintenance

Our business revolves around providing correct and complete care of late model vehicles. All of our services are warranty approved – you do not have to take your newer vehicle to the dealership for regular maintenance! We are happy to provide the technical expertise and quality OEM parts that you expect from a dealership, but with the honesty and old-fashioned service that you deserve.

Even if your vehicle is a little older, it is well worth maintaining properly. Over the course of 10 years, a driver who performs regular and complete maintenance will save almost 50% compared to a driver who waits and responds to breakdowns as they happen. A better maintained vehicle is also safer; more reliable; better on fuel; and better for the environment. Even your tires last longer when the rest of your vehicle is taken care of properly.

Do you maintain your vehicle as a whole? Lots of drivers do a great job changing their engine oil regularly, but neglect the other 80% of their vehicle. Quite often, this is because those drivers have not yet found the right full-service business to educate them about what their vehicle needs, and work with them to prioritize services; keeping their vehicle safe and reliable while respecting their budget. We are happy to provide just that, and we seek to build long-term relationships with our customers that will benefit both of us for years to come.

Maintenance Taken Seriously

Does your mechanic run a maintenance shop, or a breakdown shop? Consider the difference between these two sentences:
“A breakdown shop provides some maintenance work for its good breakdown clients.”
“A maintenance shop provides some breakdown work for its good maintenance clients.”
We are proud to operate a true maintenance business; for proactive drivers who want their vehicle to last.

Any job worth doing is worth doing right – and with the highest quality.  This philosophy is at the heart of our business, and impacts every decision we make about your vehicle and its care. You’ll be happy to know that all of the maintenance we provide is performed with genuine OEM fluids and quality parts; and by caring, hourly-paid technicians.

You’ll also be happy to know that we make all of our maintenance recommendations in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule – this is genuine OEM information, right from the folks who built your vehicle. We haven’t cooked up a pushy or overly aggressive “in-house” maintenance schedule like you’ve probably experienced elsewhere.

Find out more about services we provide!

From fluid and filter changes to replacement of wearable items like belts and shocks, we provide full bumper-to-bumper service of most North American and Asian vehicle brands. We have created some informative pages about the services our customers ask about most. See list of articles below: