What makes up a good inspection? Attention to detail means we’ll identify all of the items your vehicle truly needs. Integrity means we’ll also identify the ones you don’t.


Thorough and regular inspections are an important part of maintaining a vehicle. When you have a reputation for honesty like we do, you receive a lot of requests for vehicle inspections. (And we’re quite OK with that!) Here are some of the reasons why a customer may want us to perform a vehicle inspection for them:

  • Are you considering purchasing a used vehicle? A pre-purchase inspection is always a very wise investment.
  • Have you just purchased a used vehicle? A full inspection is the best starting point if you’d like to help ensure years of trouble-free ownership.
  • Has your vehicle been a little neglected, or not received the attention of a qualified technician for a while? A bumper-to-bumper check over would be a great start to getting your maintenance back on track.
  • Do you just have a couple specific concerns you’d like investigated? We’d be happy to help!

Thoroughly working our way through your vehicle, we’ll identify any potential issues that you should know about. When we’re done, we’ll present our findings in a way that makes sense, and help you prioritize any required services in a way that fits your budget. We’ll also be looking forward; to identify and help you plan for any maintenance services that will be due in the future.

Insurance Inspection:

If your vehicle was last registered in Alberta and is over 10 years old, your insurance company may ask for a basic provincial safety inspection. We can perform this inspection for you, and supply all of the necessary paperwork.

Full Vehicle Inspection:

If you’re considering purchasing a vehicle; have just purchased a vehicle; or if your vehicle hasn’t had a good check-up for a while, a full inspection is the place to start. Our in-house full inspection includes a thorough assessment of your entire vehicle, from safety systems like brakes and steering to creature comforts like your HVAC system and cabin air filter. We’ll include measurements of wear items like brake linings and tires to give you an idea how much life these parts have left. Since we’re a maintenance-focused business, we’ll also advise you if certain services like fluid changes are due (or coming due soon). 

Ask about a maintenance service package!

It’s important to us that we help you maintain your vehicle as a whole. With every oil change or electric vehicle service, we include a tire rotation and the full inspection listed above. This helps us reduce your ownership costs over time, as we can catch small issues before they become larger ones. We can also help you predict and plan for vehicle expenses that will be coming up in the future. The maintenance service package is a great value: it takes 1-2 hours to complete, and doesn’t cost much more than just the inspection by itself.