Offering the technical competence you expect from a dealership, but with the care and honesty that you deserve, we provide elite service of 19 vehicle brands from 8 automakers.

Brands that we service:

We’re often asked why we don’t service all vehicle brands, as most independents automotive shops do. The answer: We service vehicles at a much higher level than most shops, but this requires huge investments in equipment and training – and it wouldn’t be possible if we serviced every vehicle on the road.

The age of the “all makes and models” automotive shop is drawing to a close. As new vehicles become increasingly complex, even formerly simple repairs now require the use of sophisticated calibration tools and training. It is no longer financially feasible for one business to support the costs of the specialty tooling, diagnostic equipment and service information to truly service all vehicles on the road properly and completely. This leaves a business like ours with two possible options:
1) Take on just a customer’s “easy work”, and send them to a dealership or elsewhere for the rest, or:
2) Specialize in a smaller amount of vehicle brands.

Even though most of our independent competitors have chosen option #1, that’s not something we’re comfortable with. We are here to address all of our customers’ vehicle concerns; to be the experts capable of handing any issue they might ever experience. As a progressive business on the leading edge of our industry, specializing in a smaller number of vehicles allows us to do just that. Employing the use of OEM diagnostics and programming tools; manufacturer-direct service information; and other items normally only found at a dealership, we are servicing vehicles at a dealership level – or above. We provide this quality of service for the following brands:

Dealership-level automotive service

Elite Service: Diagnostic Equipment

We invest a substantial amount of money in diagnostics and programming equipment; over ten times more than the average independent repair shop. Most of our competitors rely on one or two aftermarket universal scan tools, which provide decent diagnostic ability for most vehicles. Unfortunately, these tools have large gaps in their coverage; unable to access certain information, perform certain tests, or carry out certain calibration procedures.

When we service your vehicle, we use genuine OEM diagnostic equipment, right from your vehicle’s manufacturer. This is the same equipment your dealership owns, and it’s one of the reasons we can provide truly complete, dealer-level service for your vehicle. 

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Elite Service: Resources & Service Information

Today’s vehicle are incredibly complicated. As we service your vehicle, we regularly consult published service information including fluid capacities; torque specifications; wiring diagrams and more. While most of our competitors purchase this information through aftermarket companies, we go right to the source: your vehicle manufacturer. This is the most accurate; most complete (and most expensive) data available for your vehicle.

OEM service information means less wasted time during diagnosis due to errors in wiring diagrams or test procedures. It means always having the correct measurements, specifications and diagrams that we need to service your vehicle properly. It means more accurate, better quality repairs in less time. 

Elite Service: Technician Training

While we’re proud to own a lot of high-end diagnostic equipment not found in most shops, the truth is that these tools are only as powerful as the technician using them. We understand this, and we put an emphasis on attracting – and retaining – the best technicians in Alberta.

Vehicles today are changing rapidly, and keeping up with these changes can be a challenge. That’s why we invest four times more money in technician training than the average automotive service business. Focusing on the 8 manufacturers that we support, our team attends regular technical training to ensure that we can maintain these vehicles at the highest level.

Elite Service: Genuine OEM Fluids

Many of our competitors are still using aftermarket universal or multi-vehicle fluids when they service your car. This is true of some independent shops, and – shockingly – numerous dealerships as well.

Because the little things truly make a difference, we only use genuine OEM fluids in every vehicle. This includes engine or hybrid/electric system coolant; transmission fluid; power steering fluid; and more. If you drive a Toyota Camry and we service your transmission, you’ll receive genuine Toyota WS fluid, right out of a Toyota bottle. It’s the way it should be. 

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