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Hybrid & EV Specialist

We’re passionate about our industry and its exciting future! Part of our commitment to staying on the leading edge includes being the only independent facility in Airdrie to offer dealership-level service of hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Sadly, many people in our industry still ridicule and dismiss electric vehicles; they fear what they don’t understand.  Things are different at My Garage. With a young and passionate technician team, we have embraced electric vehicles and made significant investments in EV service tools and training. Armed with state of the art equipment, our team is fully equipped to maintain your electric vehicle at the highest level.

The right people, with the right training.

Our experienced journeyman technicians have each attended over 1300 hours of technical training, including hundreds of hours of EV specific hands-on learning at BCIT in British Columbia and Weber State University in Utah. This year they will each be attending another 160 hours of electric vehicle training in Montreal as part of our business pursuing Airdrie’s first NexDrive certification, a special program dedicated to servicing next generation vehicles.

These technicians earn the highest wages in our industry for good reason and receive on-going training every week as part of our commitment to staying at the leading edge of our industry.

The highest trained electric vehicle technicians in Airdrie.

… and the right tooling.

No other independent service centre in Alberta has invested in electric vehicle service and repair equipment like we have. Our skilled technicians have hundreds of thousands of dollars specialized equipment at their disposal, helping to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly, accurately and safely. This equipment includes:

  • OEM scan tools – the same diagnostics and programming equipment that your dealership uses – such as Ford FDRS, GM Techline Connect and Tesla Toolbox.
  • Specialized multimeters for megaohm, milliohm and insulation testing.
  • Battery lift tables and hoisting equipment.
  • High voltage insulated tools and torque wrenches.
  • EVSE testing equipment.
  • Plus a lot more!
Electric vehicle repair in Calgary

We’re EV owners and enthusiasts ourselves.

We don’t just service electric vehicles; we drive them, too! My Garage operates Airdrie’s only fully electrified courtesy car fleet, with three Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids and two Chevrolet Bolt EVs. Our owner Chris drives a Lucid Air, Client Experience Manager Scott owns a Chevrolet Bolt EUV and lead EV technician Mike owns a Tesla Model Y. Other members of the team drive hybrid vehicles from Ford and Toyota.

Active in the EV community, we’re supporting members of groups like Alberta Tesla and the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta. We attend many electric vehicle shows & events every year and when we travel, our rental car is always an EV.

Tesla repair in Airdrie or Calgary
Yup, we’re electric vehicle nerds.

Image Gallery: EV Service at My Garage

On average, we service three or four electric vehicles every day. Most of this time is spent performing routine maintenance and common repair work that isn’t worth capturing photos of, but in the gallery below, we feature some of our favourite repairs and a small sample of our day-to-day. Performing more technical and in-depth repairs than anyone else, we can repair components like drive motors, inverters and battery packs that your dealership will only replace.

Industry Leaders Giving Back

As one of Alberta’s most advanced automotive service centres, we are troubleshooting and replacing components that most mechanics have never seen before. Because we’re very passionate about the future of our industry, we work with several local colleges and universities to share our experience with the next generation of technicians. Through these partnerships we have donated thousands of dollars of hybrid/EV components for use in the automotive programs at schools like SAIT and Red Deer Polytechnic.

Electric car repair in Alberta

For a full list of the vehicle brands that we service and repair at our facility, see this page: Brands That We Service.

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