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Alberta Tesla

My Garage Auto & Tire is partner of the Alberta Tesla group, a community dedicated to sharing Tesla experiences, knowledge and advice with both current and prospective Tesla owners. The group encourages a positive culture and invites all members to feel confident in asking questions or sharing information.

Our relationship with the group is mutually beneficial. While there is so much bad automotive information to be found online, we’re able to pass on legitimate advice and tips to group members from an experienced journeyman technician team that actually understands electric vehicles. At the same time, being part of the discussion allows us to keep our ears to the ground within the local Tesla community, learning about unique opportunities and challenges faced by EV owners in our community. (And in our unique climate.) This engagement is all part of our commitment to staying on the leading edge of the Canadian auto service industry.

We encourage all Alberta Tesla owners new and old to join the group.

Alberta Tesla
Link to Alberta Tesla website.