Airdrie Alberta car maintenance

We asked 10 technicians: What’s the best way to look after a vehicle?

From My Garage founder & CEO Chris Dekker Every Thursday at noon, we close our shop for two hours and take the team out for lunch at a local restaurant. Sometimes we use these opportunities to discuss new policies, to get everyone’s opinion on new ideas, to celebrate achievements or to brainstorm solutions to a […]

Electric Vehicle Alberta

Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta

My Garage is a proud Level 2 supporter of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta! This organization exists to promote cleaner driving choices in the province through sharing information about electric vehicles, answering owners’ (and potential owners’) questions and combating some of the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) often invoked by electric vehicle detractors. Our […]

Alberta Tesla Service

Alberta Tesla

My Garage Auto & Tire is partner of the Alberta Tesla group, a community dedicated to sharing Tesla experiences, knowledge and advice with both current and prospective Tesla owners. The group encourages a positive culture and invites all members to feel confident in asking questions or sharing information. Our relationship with the group is mutually […]

NAPA Autopro Car Repair


NAPA Autopro is a group of over 600 independent automotive service centres across Canada. While offering many of the benefits of a franchise, Autopro is actually a banner program, similar to the Auto Select brand from Uniselect/Bumper to Bumper. Because Autopro isn’t a franchise, members don’t pay franchise fees and we have the freedom to run […]