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We’re On Your Side

We care about our clients like nobody else; truly looking out for their best interests every day and always doing what’s right. Come discover how our efforts to see every service experience from your perspective makes a difference!

We understand that besides the exchange of a high quality service for a fair price, the experience needs to feel a certain way, too. We work hard to understand – and meet – your expectations while always ensuring that you receive true value for every dollar spent with us. By understanding your needs, and providing solutions that are always practical and honest, we seek to build a lasting relationship with you.

While some companies may boast with phrases like “98% customer satisfaction”, we feel that even one unsatisfied client is too many. We value each and every one of the clients who support us and make it possible for us to a job that we love, every day.

Why do we use the word client and not customer?

A customer is someone that you sell to, while a client is someone whose best interests you look after. In most auto service businesses today, you are a customer – especially at a new car dealership where your technician is paid on commission, your service advisor’s wage is tied to the cost of your invoice and even the parts department receives a cut from every part that is installed on your vehicle. Businesses today are treating automotive service as a commodity, no different than furniture or groceries. At My Garage, we understand that what we offer is a service; it’s in the name automotive service! Lawyers, real estate agents and accountants, on the other hand, have clients: people whose best interests they are contracted to look after. As true professionals in the automotive industry, we are no different.

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