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Nature Conservancy of Canada

As part of our commitment to improving Canada’s environment, we donate $1 from every hour of labour billed through our shop to Nature Conservancy Canada; the nation’s nonprofit leader in nature conservation. Our 2023 donation totaled $7749.63 and brings our four-year total to over $23,000! This means that with every visit to My Garage, you are helping to protect Canadian plants, animals, and the natural areas that they call home.

Airdrie Environmental Leaders

Canada is a beautiful country, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is working to keep it that way. The NCC identifies ecologically significant land across the country and then works to protect that land through purchasing it, or through agreements with landowners. To date, the NCC has conserved over 15 million hectares of important Canadian land, including over 455,000 hectares right here in Alberta. This land is protected from development, but much of it is still open to the public for recreational uses such as hiking.

Many of the NCC properties are home to endangered or threatened plants and animals, and conserving this habitat is crucial to their survival. One example of a local success story involves the swift fox here in Alberta. Considered completely wiped out in 1930, the swift fox is making a small comeback, including on an NCC property in southeast Alberta. It is estimated that there are about 100 swift foxes living in Alberta today.