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Genuine, OEM Fluids

When we service your vehicle, we won’t be using any aftermarket universal or multi-vehicle fluids. This practice is actually less common than you might think; but you’ll be happy to know that maintaining your car properly doesn’t have to cost more!

Drive a Honda Accord? You’ll be getting genuine Honda transmission fluid, from a Honda botttle. This sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised what a low percentage of our competitors have a similar policy. Even the businesses that you’d assume would definitely use OEM fluids – new car dealerships – don’t always use the fluids recommended by the manufacturer. Some of our OEM coolants have to be ordered in, because our local dealerships don’t stock them!

airdrie auto repair
The owner of this Ram was looking for a shop that he could trust to take proper care of his brand new truck, but with more personalized service than his dealership. We think he chose wisely!

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