airdrie brake repairs

Better Quality Repairs

In our shop we prioritize quality over quantity and take the time to make every repair special. We’re also very picky about the parts that we will install on your vehicle. For this reason, we only use premium aftermarket or genuine OEM parts.

Many independent auto service businesses have entered agreements where they are required to buy 70% or more of their parts from one supplier. We, on the other hand, choose not to be restricted in what parts we can provide for you. Relying on our years of experience in the trade, we take the time to shop around for every customer; always looking to strike the perfect balance between quality and value.

Combining these carefully selected parts with a careful install from some of Alberta’s best technicians, we provide Airdrie’s highest quality repairs. This premium service means repairs last longer, your vehicle performs better, and you have less headaches down the road.

Brake repairs are a great example of how this attention to detail makes a difference. Consider this: two different technicians can install the exact same set of brake pads and rotors on the same vehicle, but one set will last for 50,000 kilometers and the other set will last for 80,000 km – resulting in hundreds of dollars saved over the years. The difference comes from all the little things that make up a proper brake installation, including properly grinding or sandblasting rust from the caliper brackets; meticulously cleaning the wheel hubs to ensure a flat mounting surface for the rotor; and much more. Calipers need to be lubricated in certain areas, and just as importantly, not lubricated in others. Many people can install a set of brakes, but few people install them well.

We back our repairs longer than any other service centre in Airdrie: 3 years or 100,000 km. That’s 1-2 years longer than your dealership and up to 33 months longer than other independent garages. In addition to this, you also receive two years of coverage right across North America at over 6000 facilities through NAPA Autopro.

airdrie brake replacement
Our caring technicians provide the highest quality brake replacements in Airdrie. We pair high-carbon coated rotors with premium ceramic brake pads with a very caring install. In this photo the hubs have been meticulously serviced, the caliper brackets sandblasted, painted and lubricated and all of the caliper hardware replaced.