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Hourly-Paid Technicians

Our non-commission pay structure promotes better quality of work; honesty; and a focus on doing the little things right. It also contributes to a low stress, team-based work environment; helping us attract the elite technicians that a dealership can’t.

This isn’t common knowledge, but most mechanics in dealerships and mid-to-large size shops are not paid by the hour. Most are paid completely or partially by the repair; on a commission, flat rate or bonus system. We feel that those systems can promote sloppy or rushed work, and dishonesty, and we’ll have nothing of that! When it comes to the work that leaves our shop, our focus will always be on quality, not quantity.

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  1. So over the years, I have been in the business, this is one thing that I have realize that the hourly guys do better work. This is because they want to get hired the next time you need them.

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