Responsible service: how we’re protecting the health of our clients and staff.

2020 has been a tough year for many of us. The COVID19 pandemic has taken its toll on local businesses, families and people. Throughout it all, we’ve worked hard to not only comply with public health measures, but to lead our industry in caring for the health of our clients and staff. Before government sick leave benefits were announced, we were the first auto repair shop in Airdrie to introduce paid sick days for our staff. We didn’t want our team members to risk coming to work sick because they couldn’t afford to go without income. We were also the first auto service business in Airdrie to introduce fully contactless service; vehicle pick-up and drop-off service; and several other initiatives.

As Alberta moves into its second lockdown, we won’t abuse the privilege of being permitted to remain open. Our business is taking a balanced, careful approach; going above and beyond the mandated requirements to really do our part in reducing the spread. This page outlines some of the measures we are taking.

Cleaning and sanitizing:

  • Access to our waiting room is now being restricted to one client (or family group) at a time. Appointments are scheduled so that we never have two clients waiting at the same time, and the waiting area is sanitized between clients. Interchangeable signs on the waiting room door signal if the area is cleaned and ready to go, or has yet to be cleaned.
  • We’ve increased the frequency of our front office sanitizing to every 2 hours.
  • Your vehicle is sanitized thoroughly upon completion, and a tag is placed on your rearview mirror signalling staff that this has been completed.
  • Our whole parts department, front office and waiting area are cleaned and fogged every evening after closing after the last staff member departs.
  • Our courtesy cars are cleaned and sanitized every evening upon their return, before we loan them to the next client. (This is actually not a COVID19 policy; we’ve always done this.)
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at 3 locations within the business.

Face coverings:

  • As per City of Airdrie and provincial regulations, masks or face coverings must be worn within our facility.
  • Parts and service staff must wear a mask, and these are to be cleaned or replaced daily. Masks are supplied at no charge to all employees.
  • Technicians must wear masks in our parts department or office areas; when operating client or company vehicles; when speaking with clients; or when working less than 3 metres apart.

Illness and testing:

  • Upon experiencing any COVID19 symptoms, team members must remain home and schedule a COVID19 test. They may return to work once their symptoms pass and upon receiving a negative test result. We have strictly enforced this policy and taken no chances, meaning we have operated with a reduces staff through much of the last 6 months.
  • As per provincial guidelines, team members have been required to quarantine and/or get tested when members of their household exhibit symptoms or may have been exposed to COVID19.

Changes to service as a result of COVID19:

In order to protect the safety of our clients and staff, we’ve had to stop offering certain services.

  • Technicians will no longer be able to road test vehicles you. Having clients demonstrate noises or intermittent concerns on these road tests was a policy that saved us a lot of wastes time (and therefore reduced your diagnostic cost significantly) – so in the case of noises or intermittent concerns, we request that you provide the clearest possible instructions for how a technician can duplicate the concern.
  • While we don’t offer a shuttle service, we have occasionally given clients a ride home or to work. Until further notice, this service has been discontinued.

Conveniences, and going a step further:

During the months of March and April 2020, we led the industry by closing our doors to clients and vendors providing completely contactless service, and taking all deliveries in through a mailbox outside. We will resume this again if new provincial COVID19 cases exceed 2500 per day, or if active cases in Airdrie exceed 500. In the meantime, we offer several optional conveniences:

Contactless drop-off and pickup: You may drop off or pick up your vehicle any time using our secure key drop box and vehicle pickup lockers around the rear (east side) of the building. If you wish to arrange an after hours pickup, please phone us and a team never will assign a locker number. You can pick a 4-digit combination to access the locker, and your vehicle can be picked up 24 hours a day.

Complimentary vehicle pickup and drop off: Within Airdrie city limits, we can pick up your vehicle at your home or workplace, and return it to you later. There is no charge for the service at this time. Because we can only perform a certain amount of pickups every day, this must be arranged at the time of booking your appointment.

Questions or concerns? We’re always here for you! Please do not hesitate to get in touch.