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Welcome to our blog, where we share information and news about our business; car care tips; general automotive industry knowledge; and a whole lot more. We hope this page can teach you something new, or let you learn a little more about our business and what makes it special.

We have sorted our posts into several different categories that we hope you’ll enjoy. Check back again soon, because we’re always adding new content!

About Us

From the big blue sign at the front of our shop, to the logos on our business cards, lots of clients are starting to notice the NAPA Autopro branding going up around our business. Customers who already know the Autopro brand have been really pumped about this, which is great! But for people who don't know the Autopro name, this has generated a lot of questions. "Are you a parts store now, too?" and "Is ...
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chris dekker
Welcome to our blog! My name is Chris Dekker, and I am the founder and owner of My Garage. Thanks for checking us out! Many of you already know me, because I've been involved in the Airdrie auto service community for over 15 years. First working as a technician in two local shops, I eventually moved on to co-founding the business that would become Alberta's highest-rated automotive shop, and would set the standard for what ...
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Automotive Know-How

airdrie car maintenance
For most of us, oil filters are probably something we never think about. We know that when we change our engine oil, the oil filter also needs to be replaced as well. What kind of filter should your mechanic use? Does it even matter? An oil filter is an oil filter, right? Wrong! Nowhere else in the automotive parts world ...
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warranty oil change
It's mind boggling how many drivers still think they need to service their newer vehicle at a dealership while it is under warranty, in order to maintain that warranty. This is simply not the case, and this false belief continues despite the best efforts of many automotive professionals (including myself) to educate the motoring public about this. Almost every week, ...
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airdrie diesel mechanic
This is a follow-up to a recent post of ours, where we discussed five car & truck engines that require very religious maintenance in order to survive. This time, we're looking in the opposite direction with our list of the five toughest engines that seem to keep on ticking, no matter what - even when a questionable oil change history ...
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airdrie oil changes
Do you know somebody who is - how do we say it? - not great at taking care of a vehicle? Does their car consistently miss oil changes; get serviced too late; or not see a mechanic often enough? Based on our experience servicing a wide variety of vehicles every day, we've put together a list of engines that these ...
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About Our Industry

airdrie mechanic
This week, something strange happened. We charged a customer to diagnose and repair an issue that was 100% covered by their new vehicle warranty. Normally, we just wouldn't feel right about a situation like this, but the customer was happy to pay because they had taken the vehicle into the local dealership multiple times for this issue, but the dealership ...
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auto shop of the future
Note: This article is a little something different from our owner, Chris Dekker. Along with being a journeyman technician for 11 years, Chris has been a shop owner for 8 years as well. Very passionate about our industry, Chris spends much of his spare time reading about everything car-related or chatting with other automotive professionals. He has written for various ...
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