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Looking ahead: Electric cars, the technician shortage, specialization, and the “house cleaning” coming to our industry.

Note: This article is a little something different from our owner, Chris Dekker. Along with being a journeyman technician for 11 years, Chris has been a shop owner for 8 years as well. Very passionate about our industry, Chris spends much of his spare time reading about everything car-related or chatting with other automotive professionals. […]

What is NAPA AUTOPRO? (And why we decided to join the program.)

From the big blue sign at the front of our shop, to the logos on our business cards, lots of clients are starting to notice the NAPA Autopro branding going up around our business. Customers who already know the Autopro brand have been really pumped about this, which is great! But for people who don’t […]

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Nature Conservancy of Canada

As part of our commitment to improving Canada’s environment, we donate $1 from every hour of labour billed through our shop to Nature Conservancy Canada; one of the nation’s top environmental nonprofits. This means that with every visit to My Garage, you are helping to protect Canadian plants, animals, and the natural areas that they […]

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National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

In the United States, there does not exist a government licensing program for automotive service professionals, as we have here in Canada. This has led to lower quality automotive service, and a more negative view of the industry than in Canada, where automotive service technicians are generally well respected. The National Institute for Automotive Service […]